The Many Logos of SQ7

When projects get started, everyone is fresh and full of energy.

They want to make a big contribution that’s felt right away

One of the ways people often jump into that is by submitting a new Logo for project.
Maybe it just meant our existing logo was pretty bad 😉

Self Made

This was the first logo that I ever tried to make for the project, back when we were getting started in 2001. We needed something quick and dirty to go up on our nascent mailing list.

This comes from about the same period. I don’t think we ever used this one.


SQ7 org Tribute by Akril15
Akril made this one a few years ago.

After the project started growing a bit, I decided we needed something at a least a Little better. Since I wasn’t a good artist, and I didn’t want to waste the time of the real artists on the project, I did a paid contest at a site a lot like 99designs. As you can see in some of the designs, they’re back from 2004.

Post 4 1073689786

Post 4 1073698560

Post 4 1073703766

I really liked these three. In retrospect, they might be more fun than the one I used.

They have sort of a retro-future look, like the Venture Bros.

At the time, I was worried they looked TOO hokey, even for SQ.

Post 4 1074347774

Sq7 1

Sq7 2

SQ7 01

Sq7 3



Post 4 1074636846

This was the one we ended up using. I still like it.
It’s clever, because the top-right bracket becomes the 7, as well as being a structural element.

Still one of my favorite logos.

In project


LedHead, one of our later 3d artists, made this one. I really like the in-your-faceness of it, but I think the logo itself is too direct, too straightforward.

I believe Danny Bloks made this logo, as part of a Flyer we made to try to attract some additional help at a bunch of local schools.

Pstonie made this logo, as part of redesign he did of He made the awesome Space Quest logo with the Space Background, I may have awkwardly pasted on the 7.

It’s a bit derivative of Sierra’s designs, but they were so great that it makes sense to emulate them, where legally possible

We used this logo as part of the website, when we were doing an in-game driven UI. This followed the trend of trying to get away from using the name “Space Quest” as much as we could.


This one one of my early favorites, and the one we used in our promotional trailer.



  1. mjomble says:

    “I don’t have the records anymore- I think either Justas or pcj made this logo, as part of a redesign for we did.”

    Heh, I actually found some records about that –

  2. I always liked LedHed’s version so much because it seemed like a straightforward modernisation of the old EGA title screens.

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