Just a couple of Videos

As part of the SQ7.org project’s history, we created two video trailers for the project, showing off progress.

They were designed to give an impression of where we were, and to help in recruiting more people to the project.

The first one was particularly difficult to put together.
Chris Geibler put together a lot of the Roger footage especially for the trailer.
Scott M put together the flying Mallard, and Troels wrote the music.

This second trailer was put together years later.

The primary reason was because we had been discussing ideas internally about how to show off some more work.
Some people on non-SQ had wondered if we were actually creating anything, or just some sort of weird social art experiment.

The VSB people released a teaser-trailer with only a few bits of information in it, if I recall.
I figured it’d be fun to take the opportunity to respond to them, release more info, and reference the “Adult Swim” bumpers while doing it.

I created this trailer in an evening, which is why it’s not nearly as nice as the one above. It used existing screenshots we had sent to Vivendi, and music Danny had created for us.

I rescued each of these videos, and threw them on Youtube.

Something to keep in mind- When we first launched SQ7 and made these videos, Youtube wasn’t a thing yet.


  1. We released a teaser trailer that merely consisted of the panning shot of the proposed Vohaul robot, yeah. It wasn’t compressed much either, so the file was huge.

    I never knew your trailer was a response to that, but boy did we get some responses for it from other people!

    • You guys did really neat stuff!
      It wasn’t an attack or anything, that was the reason behind the “You so you like Teaser Trailers” language at the beginning, anyway.

      • Oh, I know it wasn’t an attack, man 🙂 Sorry if I came across like that. I was just more than a bit surprised to find out that trailer was the catalyst for yours. As a fan, I’m taken aback, cause in my book, SQ7 is still THE major fan project. Even if it’s likely to remain shelved indefinitely, sadly…

  2. mjomble says:

    Interesting that one of the conditions mentioned in that long text that scrolls by quickly is “When eventually, SQ.net and the VBC finally merge” 😀

  3. Hey Colin, where’s that awesome poster you guys used to have for Sq7?

  4. It was about A4 in size. It could have been a high resolution image that I simply printed, come to think of it. But it had some very nice artwork. Roger, the logo on a black backdrop.

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