Evolution of Scenes

One of the most fun things of doing this project, was watching the artwork evolve.

Not only did so many of the individual artists evolve their styles (Colin Panetta in particular!), but watching the characters come to life was spectacular.

One scene in the later game found Roger Wilco in a Jail cell, working with a bunch of low-lifes.
Colin Panetta put together a bunch of sketches, based on ideas that the team suggested- Primarily Josh and Matt.
Danny (MyFishBone) also made a bunch of sketches, some of which are included below.


During the Sierra Reunion, I recall one of the questions was about Space Quest 7- One of the details they joked about was having Giant Platapus. Of course, this meant we needed to do exactly that πŸ˜‰

Prison 4 and 5 were, if I recall, roughly inspired by Cool Hand Luke and JasonX.
Hrmm.. It looks more like George W, though. πŸ˜‰


LedHead rendered the character, and brought a really creepy vibe to it.
We were going for a sort of robotic friendlyness, almost reminiscent of Sebastian’s toys, in Blade Runner.


In particular, I thought he looked creepy as heck πŸ˜‰

Prisioner2 droid


You can see our basic prison cell below- If you have a keen eye, you might recognize it from the animation above.
We were copying the writing style from the Space Quest comics, and the angular rooms fit in with our design for the prison ships architecture.
We also wanted a very mechanical feel, to offset the more organic look you’ll see in later pictures.

Prison cell

Danny did the first version, but due to time constraints people were always showing up, and dropping out again.
Colin polished it- We added a probulator, mostly because the click-events wound be funny, but also because a regular toilet seemed out of place on an Alien ship. These people don’t do things like we do!

Ledhead did another amazing conversion to 3d- The lightbeams are my favorite “effect” here, but the roundness around the edges on the bed is also a very nice touch.

We found we needed two versions of this room- The standard one, but also a side-scrolling version for our Heros to walk on the outside of, exchanging Whedon-esque witty banter.



  1. I based the three non-Platypus prisoners on the three leads from the classic prison film Down by Law- Tom Waits, Roberto Benigni and jazz musician John Lurie. Kind of a weird reference for Space Quest!

    The Paul Newman one TOTALLY looks like GW! I gave him a weird space helmet/ head that looked like a salad bottle (reference to Newman’s Own salad dressing) and had him eating Alien eggs (Newman eats forty eggs in Cool Hand Luke, and he doesn’t even puke).

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