We wanted to give SQ7 a classic Sierra point-and-click interface, much in the style of SQ4.

This meant icons. LOTS of icons.
SQ7interfaceVer1 1
SQ7interfaceVer1 1ClickedOn

We fleshed out a basic version of the top-menu.
The way it worked was to drop down on-top of the window, partially obscuring it.
We had also played with hiding it, but I never liked the effect.

SQ7interfaceVer1 4WithWords

We actually setup to reflect this menu for a while.
While the action icons were cool in the game, they were more confusing out of context.

I still thought it was cool! 😉

SQ7 org

The final version was cleaned up, and rendered more tightly.



We set up the Slage engine to allow you re-arrange the interface buttons as you chose.
You can see the basic idea of that at This Flash (Warning, big).


If I were to do it today, I’d do things differently.

I’d do something more akin the Monkey Island 3 cursor, where clicking brought up a radial menu of options. (In their case 2. In ours, maybe more)
I think it scales better to what people can mentally keep track of. In SQ4, I was always worried that if I didn’t use EVERY option on Everything, I’d be missing the funny.


Then again, that was part of what made it lovable.

We went through several revisions of the cursor as well, trying to make it visible, but not too garish.
SQ7cursorVer1 1

SQ7cursorVer1 2
SQ7cursorVer1 3

I think we finally got it, though. More Subtle colors.
MouseVer2 2


Our window went through a few revisions, but was basically the same thing.
We wanted it to look like a StarCon communication panel.


LevelControlVer1 2


  1. Ouch, tough to look at. I was pretty young, people!

    • Additionally, it’s pretty hysterical that I was drawing this all by hand- literally pencil and ink- and it’s pretty wild to see that old screenshot of the homepage!

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