Evolution of a Room

We had a very collaborative environment in the SQ7 project.
One of the things that helped to keep the team going was to post versions of what they we were working on, so we could get ideas, criticisms, and encouragement.

On any volunteer project, getting this feedback is critical- At times, I probably overdid it.
I know that I may tried to make comments and suggestions on every piece- In retrospect, I probably gave people a sense of demanding a lot out of them, for a free volunteer project.
I tried to always say good things, but I rarely only “That’s enough, ship it!”

I thought it’d be fun to bring you through the development of two of our early scenes, and two of my favorites- The Docking Bay, and the Maintenance Room.

Docking Bay 94

The Docking Bay is crucial both for access to the Starcon Shuttle, as well as harvesting Parts from an open ship.










Maintenance HQ

The Maintenance HQ was a very Space Quest room.

I’ll describe it in more detail in a later post, but It’s one of my favorite rooms in all of SQ7, due both to the plethora of items, and because it’s something that I always felt belonged there.



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