Exterior Locations

One of the fun things about Designing SQ7 was the Wealth of locations available – The Universe has everything, whether it makes sense or not! šŸ˜‰

Asteroid Halle Berry

One of the things about Space is that there’s always more places to go, more things to see, and we wanted to explore a few we’d never run into before.

One of the early locations we brought Roger to was an Asteroid- Not a huge, developed Asteroid like Vohaul’s layer, but a much more natural, floating in Space, asteroid.
It let us play with Caves, and gave Roger an area he could explore fully, without us needing “invisible walls” keeping the player from going past them.

Halle Berry

There were a few main areas, separated by a small tunnel, as shown below.


Cave 1


CaveLava1 2




We also were able to throw in a few fun creatures, which Roger could harvest to use on his quest.

Throg Body



Habitrail City

There was a “Fun” puzzle with Habitrail City where you needed to return to the city multiple times- Each time things would be slightly different.. This gave a cool dynamic, somewhat similar to Day of the Tentacle. Things you did in one visit mattered in the next, and you could create neat puzzles by leaving items for yourself, or dealing with the consequences of what you’ve done.





THUMP 04 1

BIG thumper



  1. Super stuff. So the game won’t be ever? :(((

  2. oh my god…:) some fresh stuff on the huge SQ7 project that seemed to have disappeared! Elven hope all is well get in touch if you want to get this thing finished – Danny your x-artist

  3. Hopefully with Mark and Scott back on the scene they will, sooner rather than later, get access to the Space Quest series and name and be prepared to extend the game series or let others extend it without blocking things as has been the case for the SQ7 project presently. I miss the series and I would love to see the SQ7 project get completed.

  4. Hey guys, any chance this project will come back to life now that sierra is back and publishing indie games? Seems like this project would be perfect!

  5. Any chance that this project will be revived now that sierra is back and publishing indie games? Seem like this would be perfect for the “new” Sierra! I’d love to see this game see the light of day!

    • I’d love to see a proper SQ7 released! The SpaceVenture may be the closest that we get.

      At this point, it’d be very embarrassing to release what we had made back in the day.
      The graphics are very dated, and I’ve lost most of the original assets in the last 10 years :/
      The engine we were working on had a lot of cool ideas, but requiring the JVM is very outdated these days.
      I’d much rather see it re-made from scratch.

      Meanwhile, check out SQ:I, or the Space Venture. There’s a lot of great projects out there!

  6. I worked on the modeling of the creatures and the internal cave! It’s great to see something happened with the art after all.

  7. I’m just finding out about this now, maybe you guys should run a kickstarter and try getting the rights that way? Friday The 13th got em for nothing, maybe someone can help you guys out? This looked and sounded good though, oh well maybe someday if Space Venture does good enough maybe they’ll bring it back?

    • I enjoyed SQ7 for what it was, but all I ever wanted was one more Space Quest game – I’m excited to see what the SpaceVenture team builds šŸ™‚

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