Over the years we were working on Space Quest 7, I had the pleasure of working with two amazing musicians, Troels “SQ Historian” Pleimert, and Danny “Dee” Bloks.
I remember when we were getting started, I was very excited to try to work with Troels – Not only was he famous for writing the SQ FAQ, but he had also done the music for SQ Incinerations, which at the time was a dead game.

We worked together for months developing leitmotifs for the various characters, many of which are included below, as well as various location themes, which helped set the feel of the game. I loved his work, and we made a great deal of progress, but ultimately other projects pulled him away.

Soon after, Danny took over, creating another set of tracks – Helping to write for scenes that Troels hadn’t had time to do yet, and thing we were still adding to the game.

Alas, after years, I’m missing quite of few of the tracks from that Era – In particular, there were a set of “Roughie” sound tests which we had done that I’d love to have back.

I the mean time, in the interest of sharing material, and avoiding any more bit-rot on my hard drive, enjoy the following sampling of SQ7 music.

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