Sarien Ship

I was going through some old backups the other day, and I realized I don’t think I ever posted some of these files.

At one point later in game, Roger ended up aboard a Sarien ship, some reminiscent of SQ1.

Colin Panetta (who had done a good portion of the SQ7 concept art) drew us some beautiful rooms aboard the ship.

One of the things we were going for was a split between high-tech and a sort of “organic” feel – For example the ceilings were covered in a sort of slimy tentacle.

Sq7 Shuttle control room

The area was guarded by several Sarien Guards that Scott had made for us.
Scott had done a wonderful job doing a lot of the early concept art, the renders of the Deepship and Mallard.

Sarien in Armor.png

Colin had also done a variation on them later on-

Sq7 Sarien.jpg

There was a fun laundry room area, as a bit of a callback to SQ1.

SQ7 Laundry room.jpg

SQ7 Sarien Hallway.jpg

There was also a great closet full of easter eggs. SQ7 Closet.jpg

This is also where you’d re-encounter an old friend, Beatrice, who had run into some trouble.

SQ7 Bea.jpg

SQ7 Bea Chair.jpg

Sq7 Interrogation.jpg

You’d also get trapped in the torture room, and need to escape.

SQ7 Torture room

The Sariens were trying to extract some of Roger’s cells, to harvest some Itty-Bitty-Clorians. The whole subplot was one of my favorite in the game.

SQ7 Blender3.jpg

SQ7 Blender2.jpg

SQ7 Blender.jpg

You’d run into a couple of fun NPCs as well –

Sq7 Prison2.jpg

2005-09-16 04-53-01.jpg

The prison (which some images of were shared earlier) took place here.

2009-07-01 23-13-01.jpg

Danny had done a huge of detail work on the interiors here.
(Sorry for the lack of link!
Contact me and I can link to your current webpage/Insta/etc if you’d like. )

2009-07-01 23-13-02.jpg






We had most of these areas rendered- I don’t still have the assets, but I had thought they looked pretty crazy impressive, particularly for the era!


2005-01-15 16-55-01.jpg

A later variant of the same – iirc, we brought in the Hexacomb to make it more on-brand for the Sarien.



Two more by Scott. Who is that Sexy Dude? ๐Ÿ™‚



A few more quickies-

2005-03-31 12-30-05.jpg



2005-03-31 12-35-05.jpg2005-03-31 12-30.jpg



  1. I was looking for concept art of the official Space Quest 7 and ended up here. Looking through the art here was a bittersweet experience, but I’m still glad that I did. However, I couldn’t help but notice this sketch and was puzzled, to say the least:
    How did a sketch that *I* did of a scene from a King’s Quest fan fiction end up *here?* ๐Ÿ™‚

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