The Space Quest 7 project was a fan sequel to original Space Quest series.
From 2001 until 2009, we worked to build a free and open-source game, in the style of the Space Quest.

From the old SQ7.org

SQ7 is a continuation of the popular Space Quest series of games, made by Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy, with Josh Mandel doing the greater part of Space Quest 6. After the first six games Sierra Online decided to drop the series because of lack of interest in the adventure game genre.

Though we have all written and emailed trying to get adventure games back in production, Sierra has held fast in their decision. Since Sierra has decided that Space Quest wasn’t on the “to do” list, we decided to put it on ours.

What we hope to do with SQ7 is make a fan game that plays like a retail game. I hope to bring out the Scott Murphy in each of ourselves combine it all and make a “Super-Scott”. SQ7 will add new elements to the Space Quest world, but still have a familiar feel to it.

Ultimately, we retired our project in late-2009, at the request of Vivendi Universal.
For a long time, most of the work has been hidden away.

Now that the Two Guys have re-united to create a new, SpaceQuest inspired game, we felt it was time to share our story, and wish them well.

I’d still love to finish and release something like Sq7 someday.

We’d need to retool the plot, to make it legal, and the graphics to bring it up to date, but the twinkle in my eye hasn’t gone out.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.


I’ve enjoyed being your host over these last 11 years, and hope to stay with you into the future.


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